Photo Image Exercise


Format : E-Flashing

Age       : 3 Years and Above

What is Photo Image Exercise?

It trains children to visualize and to represent something mentally and to capture and hold that image.

Photo Image is essential to all right brain training (ESP games), Mental Calculation, Speed Reading and Photographic Memory).

This exercise is a must for Shichida students.

There are 8 Sets (152 exercises) in this program.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Click the video.

  2. Look at the "dot" in the middle for 30 seconds (it's OK to blink your eyes).

  3. After 30 seconds, you will see the "after image".

  4. You have to "hold the image" on the white screen as long as possible.

  5. The video will later show you the "after image" answer.

  6. Practice for 1 week then move to the next video.


  1. Your child should see the "after image".

  2. With more practice, your child's "after image" will be clearer and they can hold the image longer.

  3. Eventually, your child will be able to see the "original image" instead of the "after image".

Remark: We recommend you practice this exercise with your child.

Set 1: Black & White
Set 2: Red, Black $ White
Set 3: Primary Color 1
Set 4: Primary Color 2
Set 5: Secondary Color 1
Set 5: Complementary Color