Nyanhtet Library

Peg Memory
Shape Peg Memory 0 - 10 Rhyming Peg Memory 0 - 10 Peg Memory 0 - 100
Pi Memory Challenge
Pi Memory Set 1 - 10
Linking Story
Linking Story Set 1 - 5
Tangram Memory Puzzle
Playing with tangrams help your child understanding shapes, develop positive feelings about geometry, improve visual senses and photographic memory. It also helps to develop an understanding of how geometric shapes can be decomposed, hones spatial rotation skills, and acquire a precise vocabulary for manipulating shapes (e.g., "flip," "rotate").
Speed Reading for Kids
Speed Reading eBooks Speed Reading Flashcards Set 1 & 2
Keyboard Flashcards
The musical language is part of your child's brain development activity. Stimulate your child's visual and auditory senses with these keyboard/sound flash cards. Your child will learn and understand all the types of music notes, the sounds of every note, and many more.
Learning to Tell Time (Analog)
Time By Hour Time By Half Hour Time By 15 Minutes Time by 5 Minutes
Mandala Memory Program
Level 1 - 1 colour Level 2 - 2 colours Level 3 - 3 colours Level 4 - 4 colours Level 5 - 5 colours Level 6 - 6 colours
School Abacus Flashcards
Every right brain schools must have and will teach math using the abacus. It is known as an effective and engaging way to teach your child math skills. Your child will gain quantity recognition and equations.
Equation Flashcards
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Math Flash Cards (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
Multiplication Flashcards
Organised Dots Flash Cards
Dots, Balls, Foxes, Trucks, Watermelons, Variety
Random Dots Flash Cards
Dots, Balls, Foxes, Trucks, Watermelons, Variety
Vocabulary Flash Cards
Vocabulary Flash Cards
Vocabulary Flash Cards
Vocabulary A - Z
Science Flash Cards
Encyclopedia Flash Cards
Encyclopedia Flashcards - Flowers Encyclopedia Flashcards - Birds Encyclopedia Flashcards - World Flags
Alphabet Flashcards
Alphabet - Small Letters Alphabet - Capital Letters
Children's Flash Cards
Children's Flash Cards Set 1 - 13
Sight Words & Most Common Words
Sight Words Most Common Words in English
Photographic Memory Training
Let your child practice Photographic Memory Puzzles every day.
Baby Flashcards Program
These flashcard sets are for newborn babies from 0 to 6 months old. It helps to stimulate your baby's visual and auditory development. Print them out and teach your baby.
Phonics Reading
Phonic Sound Set 1 & 2 Consonant Blends (Final Blends) Set 1 & 2 Consonant Blends (Initial Blends) Set 1 & 2 Double Consonants Vowels Set 1 & 2
Imaginary Play
Driving Up The Mountain Journey Under The Sea
Photo Image Exercise
Set 1 to Set 8 (152 exercises)
Right Brain Audio
Alpha Music (Track 1 - 3) 5 Minutes Auto-Suggestion (Affirmation) Breathing Exercise (Track 1 - 4)
Eye Training Exercise
Fries, Watermelon, Hotdog, Submarine, Sand Truck, Police Car, Cheese, Biscuit, Airplane, Egg, Ice-cream, Flower, Hot Air Balloon, Rocket, Donut, Sandwich, Tractor, Burger
The 3 Minutes Lesson Plan
This is a weekly flashcard lesson program. You have math, picture/words flashcards and others in the lessons. A great way to start if you are not sure how to start your child's lessons.
Home Practice Guide
How to Start Your Child's Lessons Flashcards & Right Brain Exercises By Steps (Math) Flashcards & Right Brain Exercises By Steps (Language) Your Child's Daily Lessons (Step1-11)